I'm always seeking opportunities to grow and learn in the world of technology and development! Professionally, I'm interested in Software Engineering, Product Management, and Artificial Intelligence.

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Jan. 2022 - Present
University of Toronto, Department of Computer Science, Computational Health and Interaction (CHAI) Lab

I conduct research at the intersection of human computer interaction, ubiquitous computing, health, accessibility, and human-centered artificial intelligence.

Explore Intern (SWE & PM)

May 2022 - Aug. 2022

I worked on the Azure Static Web Apps team of the Developer Division under the Cloud + AI Platform group. I implemented a full-stack project aimed at making the service more accessible and beginner-friendly to customers, especially student developers. This product will be in public preview within the upcoming year.

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Women in STEM Attendee

July 2021
Jane Street

Selected to attend the 9th annual Women in STEM event, I explored quantitative trading and learned about the practical applications of mathematics, computer science, finance, and probabilistic tactics from professionals at Jane Street.

Data Research Intern

June 2021 - Aug. 2021
College Kickstart

Directly supervised by the CEO, I collected college admissions data to update the database with around 25,000 new entries. I worked with the IT team to develop 4 new features that are ready to release to product customers in Fall 2021. I also published college-related blog posts that reached more than 7,000 users. Click the button below to check out my article about Top Artificial Intelligence Programs in the US!

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Bioinformatics Research Intern

June 2019 - Aug. 2019
University of Toronto, Department of Biochemistry, Maxwell Lab

I researched transcriptional regulators specific to secondary metabolism in Streptomyces genomes under the supervision of a PhD student at the lab. Using Python, I found 48,830 possible regulators and identified 141 valid proteins, on which I then performed genomic analysis using bioinformatic tools like antiSMASH, MPI Toolkit, and NCBI BLAST.


On my own time, I create technologies to help people.
Learn more about my other projects on Github @helen-li.

  • Talkology

    Sept. 2022

    Crack the behavioral interview by practicing with Talkology.

    A web app that provides quantitative feedback on the speaking quality of an audio clip, built with React, Flask, and several NLP APIs and libraries.

    I wrote backend API calls to AssemblyAI for speech-to-text and sentiment analysis, built the Flask app server, bridged the UI with the backend, and refactored some React code for the frontend dashboard.

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  • Menstruation Nation

    Oct. 2021 - May 2022

    Track and learn menstrual health with M. Nation.

    A mobile app for tracking periods, viewing cycle history, and learning fun facts about menstruation, built with React Native.

    I completed this project in a team of 9 undergraduates at UofT Blueprint in collaboration with the Privacy Pro for the Period Purse, a nonprofit passionate about menstrual education and de-stigmatizing.

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  • ThoughtSloth

    Sept. 2021

    An Android personal electronic bullet journal and mood tracker.

    I built majority of the application in Android Studio and trained a natural language processing model using TensorFlow to predict the types of emotions present in a given text.

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  • Vaccination Tracker

    March 2021 - May 2021

    A website tracker of COVID-19 vaccine rates in the United States.

    I was responsible for helping publicize this tracker and develop new directions for the overall project. We accumulated over 15,000 users.

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Community Work

Being one of the two girls in my first high school programming class of around 20 students total, I first noticed the gender gap in STEM and discovered my passion for promoting diversity. Since then, I have been actively involved in communities that aim to empower and support women and minority groups in STEM—leading initiatives like fundraisers, workshops, mentorship programs, speaker events, and conferences.

Web Developer

Women in Science and Engineering (WISE), University of Toronto Chapter

July 2022 - Present
As the team Web Developer, I build and maintain our central website and email server.

June 2021 - May 2022
I represented WISE to all first year students as one of the two First Year Associates on the executive team.

First Year Representative

Nov. 2021 - May 2022
University of Toronto Women in Computer Science (WiCS)

As a first year representative for WiCS, I assist other executive members with event planning and publicize all opportunities to first years to help build up a shared community.

Vice President of Internal Relations

May 2020 - May 2021
Harker Women in STEM Club

In my senior year, I represented the club within my high school community and managed the mentorship program, hosting monthly events for around 30 girls. Along with a team of 10 other officers and our faculty advisor, I organized Harker's first virtual Research Symposium. Click the button below to check out a keynote session about Robotics and Ethics that I moderated in Spring 2021!

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